View from the property is beyond the cabana

View from my land south towards the beach.

View north to the other point.

View of the land and greenery.

View north toward my lot, this beach starts about 400' from it.

Cape Santa Maria view from cliff

Bahamian boat

starfish in water off my lot

Deadmans Cay ticket counter


inside the BE 1900

the plane

Boats at anchor in the bay off Deals Beach (My lot to the right out of pic)

another view from the cliff at Columbus Harbour

Cape Santa Maria Beach - nicer than Magens Bay by far.

Columbus Monument (path to top of cliff




Columbus Monument and cliff

big hole on my land I hope to
turn into natural pool or planter

the Blue Hole, plunges 600+ feet
I didn't take this pic.

I took hundreds of pics................the rest are at if anyone wants to wade through them.