Map of our route....Annapolis to Harness Creek to Mike's in Riva/Edgewater.....spent the night anchored in Harness Creek.

Tim and Hugh rowing supplies out to the boat
2008:04:26 11:46:49

The outboard wouldn't start
2008:04:26 11:46:57

2008:04:26 11:47:03

Narnia, a Pearson 28, at her mooring near the Naval Academy
2008:04:26 11:47:11

Hugh got set adrift in the dinghy and rapidly drifted off
2008:04:26 11:58:53

HUgh hadn't rowed in a while
2008:04:26 11:59:05

I found the name kind of ironic with a big scrape through it. You don't have to be “senior” to have those kinds of moments!
2008:04:26 12:00:08

Tim watching for Hugh.
2008:04:26 12:00:16

Heading back to the boat
2008:04:26 12:03:07

Tim and Joe decide to try to figure out what's up with the outboard
2008:04:26 12:22:38

Rowing out to Narnia
2008:04:26 15:34:56

Casting off from the mooring
2008:04:26 15:48:39

Under sail, headed to Thomas Point
2008:04:26 16:26:43

2008:04:26 16:43:27

Then we went to lunch at the Eastport Yacht Club
2008:04:26 14:15:22

Sailing by Thomas Point Light
2008:04:26 16:58:58

Joe at the helm
2008:04:26 16:43:34

It doesn't get much better than this.
2008:04:26 17:00:58

This was beautiful
2008:04:26 17:00:33

Tim and Joe as we pass the light.
2008:04:26 17:02:24

This was and awesome view
2008:04:26 17:06:02

I took a lot of pictures of the lighthouse.
2008:04:26 17:01:32

Pulling into Harness Creek anchorage
2008:04:26 18:20:18

There were a number of boats there already....I bet this place is jammed in the summer.
2008:04:26 18:20:24

Hugh checking out the scene as we rafted up to Paul's lovely Hunter, Tranquility
2008:04:26 18:20:32

Another raft-up
2008:04:26 18:22:15

Jim and Joan arrived in their Fountain
2008:04:26 18:21:23

Tranquility and Narnia, taken from Jim's Fountain. Whose name I have forgotten, I'm sorry to say.
2008:04:26 19:21:32

We all piled on to Jim's boat to go to dinner at Mike's, a nice waterfront seafood place
2008:04:26 19:21:37

2008:04:26 19:21:59

2008:04:26 19:22:07

2008:04:26 19:22:23

2008:04:26 19:22:33

Narnia and Tranquility at anchor
2008:04:26 19:21:55

Jim at the helm
2008:04:26 19:26:06

Heading out of Harness Creek, Quiet Waters Park off to the left
2008:04:26 19:24:23

We were definitely moving!
2008:04:26 19:27:44

This was a fun ride.
2008:04:26 19:29:01

Passing Liberty Harbor Marina in Edgewater
2008:04:26 19:34:43

There was a beautiful large yacht docked there
2008:04:26 19:34:49

Pleasure Cove MArina, where some of the Carefree Boat Club boats are based.
2008:04:26 19:37:08

View back through the bridge
2008:04:26 19:39:58

2008:04:26 19:27:12

Getting ready to head back from Mike's Restaurant, it was just starting to show a little lightning in the distance
2008:04:26 21:43:32

While we were out, a trimaran joined the raft-up
2008:04:27 06:36:32

2008:04:27 06:36:37

We didn't get to spend much time with them as I had to work that evening and Paul had to catch a flight. It worked out well anyway as the rain started right as we were loading up the truck in annapolis. What a great trip!
2008:04:27 06:42:32